Carol Manasse Art - Welcome to Carol Manasse's gallery of paintings.

Rubberband Balls, Art, Drawing, Manasse

Rubber-band Balls  2015  Charcoal  18X24

Ceramic Horse Statue, Drawing, Manasse, Art, Modern

Horse Statue 2015 Charcoal 18X24

Goldfish, Charcoal Drawing, Art Modern, Manasse

Goldfish  2015  Charcoal  18X24

Cats, Kittens, Drawing, Modern Art, Manasse, Cubism

Kitten at Home  2015  Pen & Ink  11X14

Unemployment, Welfare, idle hands, Modern Art, drawing, Manasse

Unemployment  2015 Pen and Ink  11X 14  

Gong, Oriental, Chinese, Modern Art, Charcoal drawing, Manasse

Gong 2015  Charcoal 18X24

Hands and Feet 2015 Graphite 11X14

Victoria House 2015  Pen and Ink 11X14

Lava Flow 2015  Ink and Acrylic  11X14

Jennifer  2015  Ink and Acrylic  11X14

Breaking Out of Shell  2015  Ink and Acrylic  11X14
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