Carol Manasse Art - Welcome to Carol Manasse's gallery of paintings.
Water Fowl.  Ducks. Cubism. Modern Art. Painting. Contemporary Art.Water Fowl     Acrylic Painting    22X28
Praying Mantis. Cubism. Modern Contemporary Art. Painting. Insects.
Praying Mantis     Acrylic Painting   22X28
Lady Diver.  Woman Swimming.  Water.  Fish. Cubism. Art. Painting.
Lady Diver        Acrylic Painting    22X28
Horses of the Apocalypse. Cubism. Art. Painting.  4 horses.
Horses Of the Apocalypse   Acrylic Paint     22X28
Gazelles African Landscape Kudus Cubism Modern Art Painting
Gazelles      Acrylic painting   22X28
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